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Friday, September 30, 2005
My brother moved in a week ago. Trouble with the wife. Seems they're about to split up for good. Pity, just 26, and already two unsuccessful marriages.

Hate the intrusion in My Space. In a home that used to house seven, it's strange that it feels cramped, elbowing included. I've been too used to being sole domain master/inhabitor. Like a male brown bear in his cave. Or a hotdog in a bun.

And his being much messier than me is icing. Dalawang burara at walang tagalinis. Ang gulo lalo. Pity the house.

One bear is three too many


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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Check out this Room. I wasn't able to finish exploring it. I didn't like the way it made me look over my shoulder or at the edge of my peripheral vision just to check if there's something there that I'd rather not see. Simplified, it creeped me out. Har.

I'm normally able to withstand horror movies or scary stories, even alone and in darkness. I've lived solitary in this house long enough to purge any supernatural fears I had. I don't get frightened easy. defensive noh

Well, this one got to me. So if you're faint of heart, beware. :)


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Friday, September 16, 2005
T*****a binaha na naman kame! Lintek na ulan yan o.

Ehem. It's just easier to curse in Tagalog.

But I'm cool all day. I had my mp3's to shout along with while I cleaned.

The flood was gone when I woke up. It just left morning greetings of mud and soot and shit and whatelse all over the floor. Good thing my aunt answered my distress call and we got most of the muck out by evening.

She reckoned that until we've gotten the house raised (to the tune of several hundred thousand shingalingz) a few feet, this yearly bogging will continue. Obviously, I thought. Of course, mom can't afford that yet, and we'll just hafta cross fingers that the water level remain low when it happens again.

Funny last night before sleeping I was trying to write a poem about the loud rain crashing on the roof. And then I remember having dreamt about swimming or otherwise lots of water when I woke. Aj andun si Diego Carballo, ahahay.

Casualties: The Mirrodin trash cards are about to become petrified wood, drying outside. Frown. My PS2 was drowned. Frown two times. Along with several CDs. Frown frown frown.

Survivors: PC was untouched. Yay! All other MTG cards are dry. Double yay! FHM collection still intact. Yay3x!

images pilfered from magicthegathering.com. hope they won't mind.


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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Although she has about zero chance of winning it, I'm still rooting for cute, modest and fun lovin' Suzie. It'll probably be a showdown between Mig and Marty coz JD's just too cocky and laidback.

I've only watched a few episodes but this Wonderfalls is funny. Love how she moves her lips when she talks. I don't really know about the premise (inanimate animal figures talk to her) but it seems to work.

Yeah it's Dawson's Creek all over, albeit with slightly different characters and setting. Teenage drama seems to thrive on the irresistibility of its female leads and One Tree Hill doesn't disappoint. Refer to Katie Holmes. Anyway, American high school's just so different from ours. They so hot and we just kids. And there's just too many issues and stuff going on. But that's coming from a wallflower.

I watch too much TV. It drains out any spark of originality or flicker of an idea in me. I hate being zombified but I enjoy the shows. Yes the girls provide ample motivation. Pretty pictures and cool stories are all good. It's just that they're incapable of stirring the imagination, except inwardly.


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Friday, September 09, 2005
The songs sounded good the first few weeks but now it's just retarded. The immense popularity and airtime really can degrade; repetitions always make a bore of anything. Nakakarindi. They're doing good for OPM though.

Anyone notice Cueshe's got a Vinci? (the back-up vocals from Parokya that the band doesn't need) Think about it / Cause we only have one shot at destiny. I'm so mushy I used that line.

I've been told I look like Hale's bassist. I gave them a good whack. To biiii is all I gotta biiii. The hell does that mean. And shouldn't it be the night you said goodnight.

Orange and Lemons is one groovy band. Umuwi ka na beybeh. They even sound real good live. Di nah ako sanay nang wala kah.

Spongecola's Gemini could've used better mixing. Sounds like a bad audition piece.
But what do I know, it's still catchy. Let me know if I'm doing this right, let me know if my grip's too tight.. First time?


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