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Thursday, February 15, 2007
Aw, you broke my heart. Ain't I sweet enough?
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Friday, February 09, 2007
I might get more hits with a title like that.

Prot (Kevin Spacey) described sex on his planet K-Pax as an indescribably painful experience. Like a kick in the nuts. And that really hurts you know. Well, it got me to thinking, maybe that's how ours will evolve into too.

Sex is our method of reproduction. Reproduction is a natural instinct of any living thing, a primal urge to propagate, and multiply. That's why sex is so pleasurable. We feel all those incredible, mind-blowing sensations in order to encourage reproduction. (Not that I would personally know, of course, being chaste and pure.)

But then in later millennia things will change. Earth will eventually be overran with humans. We'll hopefully be able to develop technologies that will prolong our lifespan. (If we manage not to blow ourselves up beforehand.) Looking at the world now, both these extrapolations on population and longevity are highly probable. A planet jam-packed with long-lived people is certainly a threat, one that will force our race to adapt, to survive. I guess what I'm saying is, there will come a point when we would have multiplied too much for our own good, and that evolution will then kick in and do what it does best.

If reproduction hurt like hell then we won't be jumping each other's bones every free moment, now would we? Voila, problem solved.

Anywaaay, there's always stuff like contraceptives, vasectomy, castration, biological weapons, feminism, etc., so this might all be moot.

But maybe S&M is an omen.

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Monday, February 05, 2007
It's a book convention. Also an excuse to get my butt out to Makati again. They got this snazzy venue (Hotel Intercontinental Makati) that's near Glorietta. The mall had a camera/photo expo going on that sorely tempted a paglulustay ng pera (spending spree). 6-7.1MP Canon and Sony digicams going for about 20K are mouthwatering. Of course, if only I had cash.

It's ze birthzay boy! He got a photo of his exhibited at the exhibit. Too bad it was grainy. Really wish I could join a camera club too, but I don't have the prerequisites, i.e. time, skill, dedication, a steady arm (pasmado e), and oh, a cam.

Yes that's Sandara in Jedi robes. Niiice. But her face looks all blank. This was at the RoDcon. Lotsa lotsa books. They had poetry reading too, and what sounded like monologues or plays of some sort. One girl recited Bulbol. They even had bands like Up Dharma Down perform. Too bad we went on Saturday; they were scheduled on Sunday. Darnit. Di mo lang alam..

Another attraction of the RoDcon was this witch. Mildly malevolent but still kikay. There was another girl in Hogwarts robes but she got obliterated by this one. No mets.

Yummy. Foodfest at AJ's with YC 18" and isaw side dish plus SB cake slices for dezert. Har. You can probably guess where I went straight to the moment I got home.


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Friday, February 02, 2007
I am a selfish being.
Ultimately I care for none but myself.
I have loved, yes, if indeed it was that.
For I gave little but took much of what was offered.
All ended in like manner.
When what they needed from me I could not give.
And I was looking in different directions.
I have not learned.
Even though I am aware of this now, I know I'll do it again when next time comes.
I am a ravager, and I pillage and feast and raze.

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