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Monday, February 05, 2007
It's a book convention. Also an excuse to get my butt out to Makati again. They got this snazzy venue (Hotel Intercontinental Makati) that's near Glorietta. The mall had a camera/photo expo going on that sorely tempted a paglulustay ng pera (spending spree). 6-7.1MP Canon and Sony digicams going for about 20K are mouthwatering. Of course, if only I had cash.

It's ze birthzay boy! He got a photo of his exhibited at the exhibit. Too bad it was grainy. Really wish I could join a camera club too, but I don't have the prerequisites, i.e. time, skill, dedication, a steady arm (pasmado e), and oh, a cam.

Yes that's Sandara in Jedi robes. Niiice. But her face looks all blank. This was at the RoDcon. Lotsa lotsa books. They had poetry reading too, and what sounded like monologues or plays of some sort. One girl recited Bulbol. They even had bands like Up Dharma Down perform. Too bad we went on Saturday; they were scheduled on Sunday. Darnit. Di mo lang alam..

Another attraction of the RoDcon was this witch. Mildly malevolent but still kikay. There was another girl in Hogwarts robes but she got obliterated by this one. No mets.

Yummy. Foodfest at AJ's with YC 18" and isaw side dish plus SB cake slices for dezert. Har. You can probably guess where I went straight to the moment I got home.


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ahaha gusto mong masaktan???


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ayoto hehe