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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
In about thirty minutes it's December again. We will all be looking forward to a merry day come the 25th. There will be gifts to give, family to visit and friends to greet. I am down to 200 pesos in my wallet, and I doubt I could afford to buy presents. My mom and my two brothers are in foreign soil, and will not be touching down on ours till next year. Friends I could greet though. Merry Christmas!

It is incredibly desolate to live alone in a big house. Rain pours outside, the cold breeze seeps inside and I huddle my blanket close around my shoulders, to make me sweat and drive the fever away. It is cold. With mom not coming home for Christmas for the first time in about 15 years it is cold indeed. Drama ko.


Aw c'mon, Chewie. Don't cry.

Huhu- (singhot). Ehem.

Next week I'll be off training for this generation's most popular job, the call center agent. I could afford luxurious dates by then, after a few payslips. I wonder if I could endure it though, I get bored easily with routine. I've decided to write daily about what went on for every day of the training. My friend who was there before told me it was just like school. I worry a bit, but then I do have the monthly salary to motivate me to diligence.

The interminable rain has finally stopped. My fever is gone and I could stay up late to surf once more. Oh, but only 47 new messages? Nobody really missed me..
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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
This may soon appear on our long-awaited-and-due yearbook:

They told me I was suplado. Mostly because I don't greet everybody I know when I pass them by. I just thought we all see each other everyday, and meet each other in corridors multiple times. Also, I am fairly shy. Especially around the alien species known as girls. I was deemed insensitive, but only because I am just clueless when it came to subtle signals, as most of us immature boys were. I was smart enough, then, though I hated schoolwork. So when I realized that I would graduate even without doing my thesis in Literature in 4th year, I didn't, and received an outstanding grade of 66, which I hope surpasses any previous or future records. I dabbled in everything from math, sports, plays, to church choir and brass band, yet I never excelled in any. I try to be funny, and generally amiable. I was never popular, nor infamous, and I wish I could've made more friends. I had a lot of regrets, over missed opportunities and stupid mistakes, and I wish I could find some way to make up for all of them.
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Sunday, November 14, 2004
Happy birthday to me! Yey! I'm older by a year! Imagine, just a few hours ago I was 17..

I forgot to make a wish when I blew my candle. How bout you make a wish for me? Post a comment below. Best one gets a freebie!

Incidentally, my house seems to be perfect for parties because I'm alone here. I've been booked by one of my AMA friends for a Christmas party next month. Hmm. Next time I'll charge a fee. Hehe. Hey I can make money from this. 275 for 8 hours? Beats the leading brand! Ebon would approve.
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Saturday, November 06, 2004
(Read Diorama first)

I had lazily left the roach in the sink. Typed the above post. Went back to the kitchen to get an orange from the fridge. And found the roach moving again.

I knew they can creep around headless for days, and survive nuclear radiation. But all things that breathe air drown, and I swamped the foul thing!

Yet it is still alive, antennae cast. There must be hope for me after all.

Yet it is still trapped, though in a much bigger hollow.
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By its ill judgment, a cockroach climbed over and trapped itself inside a small glass cup. I thought a while whether to empty it into the sink or throw it outside. Instead I filled the cup with just enough water so that it'll be thrashing in tiptoe trying not to drown. It struggled helplessly. Finally after brushing my teeth, the cockroach was afloat, unmoving.

Isn't it wonderfully self-righteous to inflict upon others the same misery you are afflicted with? The world will better understand you when it suffers your agony and distress. Loved ones will suffice when the world can't be bothered.
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Monday, November 01, 2004
I just got back from back to back ccg tournaments where I placed 6th out of 140+, and 14th out of 80+. I won 1250 bucks from the first. Not too shabby. But factor in the cost of the deck used (worth 3500+ including 4 cards worth 800 each) plus entrance and transpo, etc., the prize becomes a trifle.

Had a lot of fun though. Wasn't able to sleep the previous night but managed to stay awake and alert. Competition always sparks the spirit. Nerdy to have card games as sports? It requires heavy strategy and decision-making though, and that's how we like to clash.

The costume contest the next day was a treat. The Lord of the Rings got the most representation, with Aragorn and Arwen, theWitch-King of Angmar, some orcs, goblins, Uruk-hai, and of course Mr. big evil badass Sauron. Magic's Desolation Angel and Masako the Humorless, L5R's Bayushi Kachiko, and Pokemon's Jinx were there, along with kids who had TIE fighters for heads. The others I didn't recognize. Who won? His lordship Mr. big evil badass Sauron of course. All hail the Eye!

The second day ended with Earl, our uh team-leader, placing 2nd. He got 8 packs of product along with 1750 bucks to arrive within the next 6 months. Plans to disco, barhop, gimmick were overruled by fierce bowel movement from one of our number. So home to more PS2 was for us.

In bed I pondered whether these card games will ever be worth what they cost. I mean 800-1200 bucks for a single piece of colored cardboard? I think of all the other stuff I could buy with that. 'Boys have to have their toys.' As we grow older, we replace our toy guns and toy cars with more expensive ones: (in relative order of sophistication and cost) Comics, computer games, cards, chicks, etc. I imagine how much I would've had stashed in my bank account right now had I grown up as fast as women. But then I'd probably have spent as much in lipsticks, make-up kits, clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, perfumes, mirrors, hygiene products, and other various equipment for self-decoration. So cards it is!
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