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Saturday, October 22, 2005
Finally got wired with DSL. I also had MTG Online installed and sponsored. I wanted both for so long that now that I have them, I don't know what to do with all the bandwidth. S'pose downloads is top of the list, but other than that, what am I to do with unlimited link up?

If I was still hooked on Ragnarok there would've been no problem. MTGO's more expensive and requires a credit card, which I don't have. I guess I'll just look for public webcasts or something.

Why am I blabbing about this, I don't know. Seems I just thought this would be more fun that it really is.

Sometimes wanting is better than having.
-plagiarized from somewhere

I might be able to prove it when I buy my long-wished-for-but-always-setbacked digital camera.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
This month's issue of FHM had this small psuedo-contest of the best pic of a guy painted green. Well, mine would've won hands down.

I was part of a theater group before and we went to Batangas to shoot a short film. Some kind of local myth/sci-fi mix. Can't remember how I got the part of monster. Hmm medyo logical pala.

Aside from my hideous appearance, some freak events occured those three nights we stayed. One of the girls suddenly became feverish, limbs jerking in spasms. Apparently possessed. Some of the guys swore they saw shadows moving in front of the halogen lights on scene even though noone was there. Another ran in fright to the next room, telling he was woken by rasping sounds from the window, and then seeing the top half of a head peeking in.

Fun times all around. The only bad thing was the incidents probably scared off any couples who had ideas of making magic in some hidden spot in the woods.

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Monday, October 10, 2005
Octoberfest! I hate the ferrous taste of beer and my alcohol tolerance is low but I was able to hang on last weekend when the guys hung out here and drank a lot and sang on the videoke a lot more. Saya. They made a mess but were only able to leave near morning and had to wade the flooded street a couple of blocks away as punishment. Looking forward to the fiesta in Imus this coming Wednesday, a friend invited us and promised a boatload of food and booze. Think I'll bring a camera along and snap souvenirs of intoxicated silliness.

My birthday's a month away and friends are throwing "Painom ka sa bertdey mo a" my way. I'm actually dissuaded from spending for that day. Last year I really had no plans but certain people changed my mind and I was a couple thousand bux poorer the day after. No beer, semi-lots of food, hope they had fun. Hate the after-party cleaning up.


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Friday, October 07, 2005
I just finished watching a borrowed Desperate Housewives 1st season DVD. The mystery's not as compelling as Lost's but then DH has Eva Longoria. Heehee.

So after long brain-numbing hours of staying couch potatoed, what have I learned? That (as if I needed more reinforcement or insight from sources other than the various anecdotes, excerpts, observations, and personal inferences gleaned thereby, of close friends and families) the institution of marriage, and its inevitable byproduct, family, demands a lot of work. It's just stupid to walk in without being fully briefed and prepared. Love may be the best, and probably the only morally correct, reason to get in, but to stay, it's far from enough. Along the way the couple has to overcome, or at least maneuver through, the pitfalls of infidelity, the traps of responsibilities, the dwindling supply of romantic moments, the burden of child support, the unrelentless bombardment of bills, and of course, the inescapable clashes wrought forth by disagreements. How many have taken misstep after misstep, or even just a single false turn, and found their marriages torn and irredeemable. Even if each is the source of the other's utter happiness, the cost to keep that warm glow can be, mildly put, stressing. It's just not right to have the wrong expectations. It's moronic to do it on impulse.

I do hope, someday, to be married and nurture my own family. I just feel like I'm now as near to that day as I am to the north pole. I can't place my opinions nor thoughts on my (still twenty-something) friends and relatives who have passed that day. Do I envy them for being brave enough, or do I just marvel at their seeming naivete? Am I proud that I haven't been snapped by that cage, or unfortunate that I haven't that pinnacle of human social relationships? Granted that by normal standards I am deemed still 'young enough' to be single, but I'm somewhat startled whenever I learn that a friend has been married or even engaged, like twice tonight. I feel we kids are still 'too young' to enter that most difficult of journeys. But then I'm not simply just referring to age.

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