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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Last week was just too good to be true. The unlimited OT we were supposed to have this month was changed into a required OT of 12 hours per week. The hell they made it mandatory? Aaand, we're not allowed to do OT after 1pm, which just sucks coz that's the time call volume gets real low, not to mention my shift ends normally at 3pm.

Crap! Messed up my day when I heard the news. So much so that I haven't gone to work for the last couple days. I tell them I have the flu. But I just don't want to do that job anymore. Hate it.

You sit in a small, cold box, listen to other people's troubles and try to pacify them, all day. And you get five seconds in between each dissatisfied poop. And you can't let them hang up without trying to sell them something. You're also required to follow call scripts stringently. I hate this routine the most. You're supposed to say the same things for each and every call, each and every day.

They say this is the most common sickness among call center agents. It was inevitable for me to get infected. No surprise it's this early too. And of course this is the reason why I've lost the drive to go to work. I'm not about to admit that I have reverted to being lazy again. That now I just want to sit around and eat and do essentially nothing. That I'm back to not wanting to care about anything or anybody else. Again.

I have always spurned responsibility. Be it school, work or commitment, I just don't want to be answerable to anyone else but me.


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Thursday, February 10, 2005
This job is just great. I spent last January hanging out in air-conditioned rooms, surfing the net and goofing with workmates. And I got paid for it. The only trade-off was I couldn't play Magic as much.

Last month training ended and we were strewn to different teams. So long late night gimiks. So long early morning inumans.

This month we have unlimited OT. Over tambay. I mean, over time. My shift ends 3pm. There's an average 12-hour differential between here and the States. So by that time, everybody's sleeping there, nobody's calling, and I get to hang around at work, do nothing, but still get paid. Which is what I'm doing right now.

How can I not like this job? I figured it would smother the remnants of whatever social life I had, but at least I can buy me my overdue Christmas gift of a digital cam. One more payday.
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