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Thursday, March 31, 2005
After quitting my job early feb, mom called and extracted a promise from me to enroll next semester. I planned to get in another call center to fill the months in between, but I answered the call of Magic cards instead. The Extended format's simply the best, and I couldn't pass up playing that coming season.

As a result, I still haven't purchased a digicam yet. I've saved enough to buy one but I got to spending some on cards. The bills need attention too.

So all March I'm in tambay mode, either at home, at the local card shop, or at some friend's house. It's bad to have too much home entertainment. With cable TV, PS2, DVD/VCD player, and internet available, my eyes are getting fried and my brain's numbing up. All in, in, in, and no out. And people thought this technology's supposed to make life better. With all the fun you'll be having you won't notice your rotting mind rotting.

This month and the next, students will be graduating. The regular routine of home, school, tambay, home will be replaced with either home, work, home, or home, tambay, home. No escaping automation. While noone dreams to become a gear for some company's clockwork, the alternative is worse. We want to have those things we see on TV, and the latter routine just won't cut it. Also, noone wants to be with a bum.
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