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Thursday, October 28, 2004
When you are unsure about something, resorting to violence is an acceptable way of proceeding. It helps to lash out most of the time.

Ignore the need to belong, deprive yourself of want, despise all that has meaning, then everything will be fine.

Luck have mercy on anyone who belives Her. Her fickleness can be blamed for any tragedy.

Connect with others around you and you'll find out that they have as much shit inside them as you.

Stand up for what you believe in and you'll get shot down. Lie low, crawl, kiss ass instead.

Creativity comes in sparks, which is why I'm freezing to death out here.

All we have is ourselves at the end of the day. Brace yourself for whatever.

Destroy your goodness to be absolute. Evil is only perception.

We shall make memoirs of the men and women we are so that others will not commit the same pointless mistake they would already have done.

The world is full of selfish bastards. Each one has oneself foremost in mind.

Love will keep us alive. It will torment, curse, flay, bludgeon, destroy us. While keeping us alive.

Death can never be punishment. It allows the perpetrator to escape.

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Monday, October 25, 2004

Hey, the old busmates. Don't they all look so innocent? Five years do take a lot away from us. Robs us of our sweet looks (yes I had that once too), then throws problems, problems and more problems in exchange.

Five years ago, did you expect/dream/dread that you'd end up the way you are now?

Not that it matters. Anyway, I unearthed the picture because they're another group of friends whose company I miss. Living alone has definitely gotten to me. As a sidenote, the pic frames two crushes I had back then, and consequently reminded me of the clueless dork I had been, botching those few chances to maybe spark something.

Happy birthday again to Lotus, and thanks for the food. Hehe. Let's go to Mark's next week. Hehe.
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Friday, October 22, 2004
Okay. It's either the Canon Powershot S60 or the Olympus C-4000 Zoom.

You're right AJ, I don't have much use for unlimited internet hours. I don't play Ragnarok anymore and I don't have a credit card to download full porn movies.

But if there's not enough budget I'd settle for cooking skills. Canned goods and cafeteria food ain't nothing compared to home-cooked meals.

Or cash. Cash is always good.

Maybe a sexier body?

Oh. Already got that, I forgot.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I miss these days. School was fun, even though the school sucks. I never skipped class, I participated in almost everything, and I felt right at home. And it was all thanks to having a regular gang. Suffering boring classes and pesky class requirements were okay because before, in between, and after all of them, I can hang around with the people I like. I went there everyday just for that.

I miss those friends. People just have to move on, and most of the time, it's in different directions.

I might've had more enthusiasm to resume attending my classes if they were still around. Yep, I'm just trying to find lousy excuses for my seemingly incurable delinquency.
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Sunday, October 10, 2004
My eyes are tired, but I'm dead awake. The sun is shining, but for my sake
I cannot understand why
this loathing for myself still
keeps me pinned beneath
its stifling,

I can see, but I can't breathe.
I can try, but I can't move.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004
My PC is revolting. I have installed about a dozen games the past week, and all of them have crashed. I'd run them, begin excitedly, then minutes later: a flash of the monitor reverting to my desktop, a black screen of a reset machine, or the blue one of a serious system error. There are some which I've installed but the program won't even run. And some, I can't install at all.

I've searched through my whole pile of CD's and all of them provides me with one excuse or another for why I can't play them. It's frustrating. Games are my foremost source of fun, and now they're going Untouchables. It's like they're coercing me to give them up and do something else. Something productive and meaningful. Something that's serious, relevant, not a waste of time, and ultimately beneficial.

Something I've been putting off for the longest time.

I've been in college for some six plus years now, in a course meant to be finished in three and a half. My PC has been there from the start, happy to give me long hours of great gaming. I know sometimes, I mean, most of the time, er alright, a whole lot of the time I'd be playing rather than studying. I'd be staying up awake all night til morning immersed in whatever game caught my interest at the moment, rather than preparing for an exam or finishing a project. Now it seems my PC has had enough of my delinquency and will not let me use it anymore for gaming.

I am heavily persuaded, I admit, to shed the laziness and slack that has kept me from finishing in time. I am beginning to be motivated to finally step it up, get to work, spur my boots, face my fears, light the fire, steal the turtle, etc. Well, I know now what to do. I knew I had to do it eventually. Now's a good time as ever.

I'm gonna buy a new computer.

I will not tolerate insubordinance. Games are so fun.
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Sunday, October 03, 2004
The last ten months I was away playing lots of Magic. It kind of paid off, as our group put three of us in the most prestigious tournament of the year in Pinas, the Nationals.

Meanwhile, I developed an even worse lifestyle from all the tambays. A bum freeloading. Saya.

It kind of paid off. I mean, my unattended, and later, dropped, classes paid the price. Plus blogging and health as tax.

However, I'm now driving things back to normaltown again. Beyond the mountain of graduation and towards the promised land of boring office employment.
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