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Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Now that I've successfully b.i.'d Feyt into playing Trickster, you should let me b.i. you too! MMOs are really best when played with people you know.

I also discovered a browser-based game that you might wanna try out. It's called Kingdom of Loathing, a fun RPG that's really funny. AJ and Abbee especially, you should check it out. Hehe katuwa.

This is my character. He's a Sauceror, an adept at the mystical energies of the Cosmic Sauce. He's equipped with a Frying Pan that's full of scalding sauce, which he uses to melt people and stuff with, or, if he runs out of sauce, bashes people's and stuff's heads (or what passes for a head for seemingly headless ones) with. Roxxor!

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Saturday, January 27, 2007
Personal Forecasts:
1. A sizable weight gain. Unavoidable with increased appetite and decreased exercise. Not that there was any to begin with.

2. A new semi-permanent address. Whether it's the sweet cool air of the northern hemisphere or the sour damp stink of a southern jail cell is a coin flip.

3. More posts, even if just junk ones like this.

4. More pimples.

5. Lotto jackpot! Oh this is forecast, not wishful thinking darn.

1. Prices will go up. Salary value will go down. Of course this is true every year no matter what.

2. Death, disaster, destruction, delatas. An increase in both magnitude and occurrence of unfortunate tragedies calls for more canned goods.

3. GMA will hold a big party.

1. Death, disaster, destruction, defame. Those are the only newsworthy things anyway; the others no one will really care about.

2. There will be an incredible discovery or invention that's going to forever change the world as we know it. Of course, it might be just smileys or post-its or whatever but watch out.

3. The world will mourn the death of Harry Potter.

To be continued. (ran out of spirit energy and potato chips)


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Thursday, January 25, 2007
A cousin of mine got in an accident a few days ago. She left near midnight and went out drinking with some friends. She hitched a ride on the back of a scooter but it seemed the driver's arms and eyes and brain were second-guessing each other so they crashed.

Her mom was angry the next morning. Well, angry like a seething volcano. She stayed with her in the hospital while she got her five stitches, dextrose, bedrest and more than a handful of Mom's Brand Scolding, machine-gun style.

Her head hit something hard and that's where the stitches were stitched. When she got home I went and paid a visit.

"Masakit ulo mo?"


"Sayang hair mo kakaparlor mo lang."

"Nanigas nga sa tuyong dugo e."

"E di me poknat ka na pala."

Ok, well that only went on in my mind; I'm not that tactless or brash yet. Actually, I couldn't find any ulam at home so I went there to get some food and she just happened to have arrived.

She looked pale and moved so carefully. Her oft-combed shiny hair was limp in a pony.

Two days later I went back, this time after having eaten a scrumptious Tomato-and-Onion-stuffed Milkfish dinner.

"O ok ka na?"

"Tara labas tayo." *smiles*

Later that evening, she asked if anyone could bother to replace her bandages.

Kuya: "Aay baka himatayin ako. Mahina ano ko jan. Nung dati nga naglanggas ako ng pasyente nanlambot tuhod ko."

Zald: "Pinag-assist ako dati ng doktor kasi wala yung nurse. Maduwal-duwal ako, pinalabas na lang ako hehe."

Kuya: "Ayan si D kaya yan."

Apparently I forgot my cellphone at home so I went to get it. By the time I got back the stitches were cleaned. By her mom I think. We then watched Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
A short poem in my Friendster blog:
lolo mong kalbo

sa mga masasamang elemento.
mamatay na sana kayo.
kahit walang regalo sa pasko.
ok masaya na ako.

kase tangna nakakapanlumo.
ganitong walang nagbago.
ipit pa rin sa dalawang bato.
kaya eto tinula ko.
Yes it's pathetically simple but it was out of the blue. So I was taken aback by Lynne's reply, as it was so good:
Sapantaha kong iyong ikinukubli
Kapangyarihang mong di pasusupil.
Ba't di ituloy ang niloloob na pagkitil
Sa mga sanhi ng iyong paghihiganti?

Isang matinding ulos lamang ang katapat
Ng mga batong tila ayaw maglapat.
Sa pasko, lahat ng lakas ay ialay
Upang sa saliw ng lamig, alab ni lolo'y manlupaypay.
Had me scrambling for a Tagalog dictionary lol. But she asks a question, and recently I finished my lyric response:
paraang nabanggit
matindi nga ang hagupit
pantapos nga ngunit
angkop lamang sa malupit

kung ngayon ma'y ipit
at may banta ng pagpiit
di pa sobrang gipit
para sa punyal kumapit

anong masasapit
ng konsensyang magngingitngit
ng pusong papait
pagtakwil lamang ng langit

araw ay sasapit
pagsingil na nalalapit
pagkampas ng karit
at walang patid na sakit
Yes it's still single rhyme, did you expect improvement? Phew I just felt like orating in a Balagtasan.


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Monday, January 22, 2007
1. Up Dharma Down - Pag-agos
2. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
3. Aqualung - Brighter than Sunshine
4. Muse - Starlight
5. Itchyworms - Beer
6. Panic! at the Disco - The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage

1. Muse
2. Up Dharma Down
3. Yeng Constantino
4. Itchyworms
5. Paramita
6. Audioslave

1. Casino Royale
2. A Lot Like Love (2005)
3. Constantine (2005)
4. Dead Man's Chest

1. Seymour Philip Hoffman
2. Johnny Depp
3. Scarlett Johansson

1. Pinoy Dream Academy
2. Paradise Kiss / Honey and Clover
3. Samurai 7

2. Trickster Online
3. Magic the Gathering
4. Pusoy

1. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (et.al.) by JK Rowling
3. Cryptonomicon, The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson

1. Marvin (H2G2)
2. John Constantine
3. Jack Sparrow
4. Morphling (DOTA)

1. Crispy Pata
2. San Mig Light
3. Adobong Lengua
4. Pares
5. NY's Finest

1. Camp Crame Detention Area
2. RFC
3. Circle Island
4. La Union
5. The now-off-limits City of Las PiƱas

1. Lying face down on the cold floor, a gun pointed at me
2. Mom's surprise homecoming birthday present
3. Seeing myself on prime time news


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Since the cullet are not shiny anymore, it's time for a new layout.


A hole in a wall is a nice thing for a wall to have.

It lets in light, fresh air, and the sound of crickets at night.

It also lets in mosquitoes, foul odors, and sometimes, if the hole is big enough, unwanted visitors.

You can look out of one, or let others see what's inside. And sometimes, if the hole is big enough, you can leave the room and be outside.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007
Trickster Online! Cutesy anime style MMORPG! Omfgwtflmao it roxxor! lolz

Hehe since December I've been checking out free new MMORPGs at mmorpg.com and this one stood out the best. Aside from the gorgeous, vibrant, not to mention cute, anime graphics, its fun and surprisingly deep gameplay pushes it on top of the list. My list, at least. Don't let its 2D SNES-era look fool you, there's a lot hidden beneath all that eye candy (literally) that the other 3D RPGs just lack. Check it out! lolz

Yes it's very similar to Ragnarok Online but that game is almost dead (well until RO 2 comes out) having been drained and drained of all content. And it's pay to play (P2P).

Games tried so far:

Last Chaos
Beauty: Awesome 3D visuals for low system requirements. Huge free to roam maps and tactics oriented PvP. Beast: The boring and excruciating grinding. Takes so long to level up that your ass and fingers will be numb playing for hours just to feel some sort of progress. No customization - only 5 classes with fixed genders and no other look-modifying elements aside from equipment glow. Gorgon: What killed my interest in it is the lag. Though it runs on minimal system requirements, you need better hardware than what is recommended to enjoy everything it has to offer. Lag + grinding = frustration - fun.

Ran Online
Beauty: Awesome 3D visuals for low system requirements. Very appealing for its schoolboy/girl basagulero theme. Cool-looking and combo-able skills. Best PvP I've encountered yet - mano y mano and whole party duels right on the streets. 4 character types with 3 specializations each. Beast: You'll always need a party to level up faster than a turtle. In fact, it is absolutely imperative that you only play if you have a party because by the intermediate levels, you won't be able to solo anything reasonably. Gorgon: E-games is out to milk as much money out of its gamers as possible. They tempt with all these premium items, right, but leave the non-PK server down so that players are forced into the PK ones, where high level players are stalking for easy kills. And then there are the players. Puro angasan at yabangan. No wonder it's such a huge hit here; it plays right into Pinoy localistic gang/tropa culture, e.g. frats. Daragan at bugbugan sa kalye. While it makes for a very competitive atmosphere, the hostile outlook is really doing its players no good.

Hero Online
Beauty: The quest system tells a story, which is really good for an MMO. Players are allowed to have a variety of pets, some of which can be ridden. The scenery is full of detail anywhere, and doesn't feel blank or repetitive. Beast: Loading times when moving between maps take a long while, which is a concern because the quests are done in different maps. The grind is bad, about as bad as LC. Gorgon: Bots, bots and more bots. They ruin your leveling and is just outright unfair for non-cheaters. What's more is that the GMs seem to do nothing about it, and don't address the issue in the forums. The anti-bot system is about as effective as a toothpick is for barring your door.

Beauty: Martial arts! 9 different clans to choose from with 4 subtypes each makes a lot of kung fu action. Beast: Never got to play it lolz. My video card couldn't handle it.

Trickster Online
Beauty: Clean anime style and look. 8 classes with different specializations. Also character development is deep and several paths can be taken. Monster quests make grinding bearable and exciting. The drilling system lets you find common to rare items underground. Map areas are varied and themed. Beast: The drilling system. It takes some getting used to and will be boring for those who don't get the hang of it. I did, but now I drill as much as I hunt. One trick ponies. Since the second jobs aren't fully out yet, each class is relying on a single offensive skill for hunting monsters. Gorgon: Since it's still Open Beta, a lot of the other options aren't out yet, like MyCamp (build a house and invite people in!),
equipment creation, fashion clothes, guild war etc. Activating skills can be irksome as there's a delay.

Scions of Fate
Beauty: Just started Closed Beta last week but I tried the Viet Nam version beforehand. This is the most popular MMORPG in China (and Korea I think) so there must be something good about it. Beast: So far the grinding has already hit me and I only got to level 12. The quests are simple and worse, uninspired, plus there's no real ambiance to the game, unlike Hero Online which was superbly oriental. Second phase in CB is on the 22nd, where players will start out at level 70, so I'm trying it again then to see if there's something that will make me play it.

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Monday, January 15, 2007
Finally got to watch Dead Man's Chest, and it was just as fun as the first. Jack Sparrow is one of the best characters to come out of late and it's a bummer that he died (or did he?), especially now that there's a third part coming. I hate being a fan like this, well, hate is I believe a tiny bit too strong a word for it but nonetheless is a perfectly suitable and applicable degree of emotion that the subject, meaning I, feels or otherwise is able to perceive through the undamaged faculties available to him, regarding the aforementioned matter, yes that sounds about right I think, but that guy had me laughing in all his dialogues. Even when he appears to be in a serious and quiet disposition. His bumbling but fortuitous wackiness and utter self-confidence, or is it just top-prioritized self-importance/preservation with a good dash of wealth and fame acquisition thrown in, is oh-so expertly pulled off by Depp and is probably the winds and the sails of the franchise. I wonder how the hopefully final part fares without him.

Some quibbles: Maybe I'm just not thoroughly acquainted with Davy Jones' myth but why would he be captaining a ship. Should be a fleet at that, with the seas his playground. I think the actor who plays him is the faded but comebacking rockstar in Love Actually. Keira is hot. Arrr. She was on Love Actually too. Orlando Bloom is stiff as a post. Split wood on his square face and he probably wouldn't feel it. Dead man's chest, with a beating heart kept in it, is nice word play. But why bury it in land where Jones can't slither a foot on. The commodore was such a small time man. He chose to just buy his standing back in the Navy with the heart when he could wield the power for himself.

Squid is yummy half-cooked and dipped in spicy and sweetened soy sauce. Great pulutan.

Ako kaya san na pupulutin. Dead on water. Buti ngayon meron pa kaming bangka at nakalutang pa kahit me tagas. What then when we're flotsam? Ala Jack and Rose. Ikukuwento na lang ako ni AJ.

Ano ba sa Ingles ang pitik? Me kwento sana ako.


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Saturday, January 13, 2007
2006 has been the worst year yet. I could never have imagined it would turn out as it did. Now this one promises to be just as bad. What happens will come. It might hopefully come to a close like that rocket, with a bang and a flash.

Where to go what to do how did i get here why is this happening to me?

Ain't he adorable? ;)


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