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Tuesday, August 23, 2005
I finished 11th last Sunday's Nationals and I couldn't be more pissed at myself. I missed the Top 8 in the worst possible way, with an awful stupid moronic mistake.

For those who don't know tournament Magic, a description. The tournament has twelve rounds, with you facing a different opponent for every round. Each round is best of three. You either win or lose or draw. Then after the last round the top eight competitors duel in single elimination until a champion is crowned. With about a 100 or so players, you'd need a record of 9 wins 3 losses, or better, to reach top 8.

I ended Day 1 with a bad 4-3 record. I had to win 5 straight the next day. And I felt it. The zone, or whatever it's called. I couldn't be beat. It's the last round, I'm 8-3, needing just one more win for Top 8 contention. I won the first game, and was about to seal the victory, I could smell it, Japan, Worlds competitor, a thousand dollars. I'd be idolized among my peers, revered even, and feared!, and respected, with just this one more win.

But I slipped. More like tumbled headlong into a yawning cliff. I made a mistake, he won the game, and with about five minutes left in that round, the match was a draw.

It's the cruelest mistake. I don't know if I got too excited or nervous, but it was just me who defeated me. I wanted to smash chairs and tables right after that match.

Now a vow of vengeance.


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Thursday, August 11, 2005
Too bad Galera didn't happen. The ogling opportunities.. Tsk. I spent the entire summer without going once for a swim. Except in mahjong.

Love that game. Except it hates me. It's too luck-dependent when I'm all skill. I win some but the other guys win more so I always leave for home with lighter pockets.

Damn rain doesn't let up. Everything's damp and the ants all crawl inside the house.

This is a great time for inuman. Couple of tagays and I'm all warm and fuzzy. And bouncy too. Ever seen a Black Chinese American Indian?

Heard this from the tv couple of minutes ago: 'I'm gonna do everything and take risks coz it's better to live a life full of mistakes than a life full of regrets.' Or something similar.

This series Lost is just cool. Has a movie feel to it. Great scenario. Katie's hot. Jack the gay doctor. I just hope they don't spoil the mystery with soap drama or prolong it so much that it gets diluted.

Lost in Translation. What a great last scene. Love films like these for those wrenching poignant moments.

Nationals is next week. I go to Japan if I finish fourth or better. I'll treat you all with the sights when I come back with the pictures.

OPM sounds great again. Where are the concerts?

There's a new D&D movie coming. It better be epic compared to the first crap. But it looks a lot like an LOTR follow-up.

This impeachment issue is taking way too long. Off with the head! Noone's ever gonna satisfy the Pinoy.


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