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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

E pogi e.

This scorching summer demands some splashy swimming fun. Seems Bora beaches are still out of reach ftm. I finally found out that the Villamar and Lido resorts are somewhere near Cavite City. Dun pala un. Always wondered where those dikya-infested waters were. I remember my right leg being so red and darn itchy from stings while the rest of me were burnt toasty brown from the sun. Fugly.
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

AJ was excited to pick-up for the first time at this place. When asked which one he'd like he replied, "Basta yung masarap."

After being comfortably seated and filled with caffeine goodness, there was a discussion regarding signals. You see, it's very hard for guys to gauge how girls are responding towards them. They may seem all friendly and nice, but you can't really tell if she's into you or just being polite while silently praying please-go-away-now. So how can you know that when she tells you she's busy and can't go, she really is and can't, and it's not because she finds you repulsive(and the like)? Apparently it's just a wait and see.

I forgot to play a prank on someone last weekend. It's the best time to pull a cruel joke on anyone and just blurt "April Fool's!" when it hurts na. Hell, you could break hearts and probably get away with it. Or maybe not.

When you aren't heard, scream as loud as you can. You can only be faulted for being loud but not for saying how you feel.

My favorite sandwich is butterfly carnival. My prof once passed an attendance sheet with a column for 'What is Love?' I wrote, Love is my sense of inspiration and conviction to excel. Doubtless it was impressive, and she was so, but was then later disheartened that I took it from a song. I know I once felt that way.. But where I am now, it seems I haven't loved at all.

I'm told I'm overdramatic. Hah!

This summer I'm looking forward to pleasant beaches and sunny shores. Maybe the Bora trip will pull through, or the Batangas outing. I want to grab a fresh lungful of sweet air before I plunge for the final dive to the bottom.


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