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Monday, November 24, 2003
I'm back. Heh.

I have this seasonal attitude. Explain. I can't go on doing just one stuff for long periods of time. I try something, find it cool, do it for sometime, then later, ugh. Then I try something else.

But its seasonal, coz I often find myself doing that same thing later, after a while. I just get tired, is'all.

Which is exactly the case with blogging.

Which is exactly the same thing with Ragnarok.

Which is exactly the same thing with the girl from Find in Mirth.

For Ragna players, I started playing at Loki's opening. Now I have a level 81 Agi-Crit Knight, a level 63 Fire/Ice Wizard, and a Level 58 ME Priest. And suddenly, the game ain't fun no more. I played every chance I get, I cut every class I can, I stayed awake from midnight til early morning every time I could: just to play. Now it's boring.

The good thing is, I have money now. Heh. I can go to 350-bucks-per-ticket rock awards-concerts, and still have dough left for a couple more.

As with the girl, I guess I didn't really have the same feelings she had for me. I desperately wanted to, but it just wasn't happening. It was better to end it early, than let it rot its slow death.

But I do miss her. damn.

Now I'm back to the season of blogging. Aside: Umm, abbee? Could you send me the rest of those five questions again? Or just send me 4 new ones.


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