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Friday, April 20, 2007
Finally that Sanjay dude is out of American Idol. Took more excruciating weeks than expected but still. He might have lasted so long because he's funny, funny like the butt of the joke funny, or because he is constantly coming up with new hairdos every week, but man, he's just not good. Utterly horrendous. I'm pretty sure the judges are now breathing relief that their incredibly tasteless decision to let him in the Top 24 is now moot.

I'm betting that it'll be Jordin Sparks and Melinda Doolittle in the Finale.


The guy behind the Oakwood takeover, Trillanes, was on the news today and I swear he was interviewed right where we were meeting our attorney during his visits at Crame last year. The reception area. I distinctly remember the wire fences boxing the small space, though I didn't see enough details to make me real sure.

Chills. In ten days it'll be our Apprehension Anniversary. Woot. I feel like Jasmine awaiting something impending and inevitable. At least she had that bald guy to tell her the exact time. With us, it's just a dull wait.

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