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Friday, April 20, 2007
Finally that Sanjay dude is out of American Idol. Took more excruciating weeks than expected but still. He might have lasted so long because he's funny, funny like the butt of the joke funny, or because he is constantly coming up with new hairdos every week, but man, he's just not good. Utterly horrendous. I'm pretty sure the judges are now breathing relief that their incredibly tasteless decision to let him in the Top 24 is now moot.

I'm betting that it'll be Jordin Sparks and Melinda Doolittle in the Finale.


The guy behind the Oakwood takeover, Trillanes, was on the news today and I swear he was interviewed right where we were meeting our attorney during his visits at Crame last year. The reception area. I distinctly remember the wire fences boxing the small space, though I didn't see enough details to make me real sure.

Chills. In ten days it'll be our Apprehension Anniversary. Woot. I feel like Jasmine awaiting something impending and inevitable. At least she had that bald guy to tell her the exact time. With us, it's just a dull wait.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007
di pa ko nakakapag ganito e mafirstime nga

1. kelan ang bday mo? yung totoo?
nov 13

2. may fave song ka ba ngayon?
The Prayer ng Bloc Party tsaka I Don't Love You ng My Chemical Romance

3. barat ka ba?
hinde basta meron pa

4. close ba kayo ng mga pinsan mo?

5. ilang beses ka maligo sa isang araw?

6. anong perfume/cologne/body mist ang ginagamit mo?
wala no need

7. sino-sino mga kasama mo sa bahay nyo?
tita, pinsan, inaanak, katulong

8. which do you prefer? Long or pudpod na nails?
pudpod. dati mahaba at painted black

9. mahilig ka bang maglinis ng tenga pagtapos maligo?

10. may sarili ka bang restroom?
wow naman

11. mahilig ka bang mag internet?

12. anong favorite mong site?
ung me magagandang babae na konti saplot. gusto mo, madami ako alam, libre tol!

13. kung tatanungin ka kung anong silbi mo dito sa mundo, anong isasagot mo?
taena naman

14. anong favorite mong kulay?
gray, dark blue, furfle

15. anong kulay ang suot mo ngayon?
olive green

16. anong kulay ng bed sheet mo?
pink and blue stripes

17. kung merong kang 1 hundred thousand dollars ngayong oras na to anong gagawin mo?
susupalpalin ko ng pera ung putang babae na yon, kung aayawan nya ipambabayad ko sa hitman

18. kung may isa kang wish na gustong matupad as in ngayon na, ano yun?
ang mabalik na sa dati ang buhay namin

19. anong gusto mong gawin sa mga oras na to?
magswimming, magdota, kumain

20. sinong pinaka huling tao ang naiisip mo bago ka matulog?
di ko alam baka wala

21. anong iniisip mo pag gising mo sa umaga?
pesteng buhay to

22. sino sa mga friends mo yung alam mong pwede mong pagkatiwalaan?

ung mga nakakaalam ng problema namin, kaya nga iknwento ko e

24. sino naman sa kanila yung madalas mong makasama?
walaaaa T_T

25. cnong bestest best friendS mo?
aj, alan, aaron

28. sinong huli mong naka text?
pinsan ko

29. sino huli mong nakausap sa phone?
si mommy

30. na-inlove ka na ba?

31. in love ba sya sayo?
lucky me

32. nagka-boyfriend/girlfriend ka na ba?
oo thankyoulord kala ko sawi ako habang buhay e

33. sino ang trip mong kasama sa mahabang biyahe at bakasyon?


34. sino crush mo ngayon?
Wendy and Bea ng PBB, Lauren Cohan, Diane Krueger, Kim Chiu, Maja Salvador, Anne Curtis, Antonella Barba, Jessica Alba, Jennylyn Mercado, Isabel Oli, Evangeline Lilly, Zhang Ziyi, ung girl sa Full House, atbp

35. ano talent mo?
gaming, eating, drinking, sleeping


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Sin City was a blast. The movie featured three stories taken right out of three graphic novels in Frank Miller's Sin City. The first follows Marv, an incredibly strong brute capable of doing and surviving anything he's driven to do, while he seeks justice for the death of the one woman who showed him unquestioning kindness. Next is A Dame to Kill For and The Big Fat Kill's Dwight, who struggles to keep the truce between the Old Town girls and the cops by all means necessary. And then it's Hartigan, an honest detective who got framed and accused at molesting an underage girl right on the day he was going to retire.

These pages are from the first book Violent Marv. The one above wasn't in the movie though.

I wondered why the movie was black and white. Like 50's movies, I thought. Or maybe because it's too violent and there'd be too much blood that being in full color would be too gory. Like the Crazy 88 slashing frenzy in Kill Bill. No, it's because the comics were in b&w. And it's this style that really sets Sin City apart. There is no hue in any page, it's either inked black or left white. And yet Sin City itself does not deal with absolutes, no purely benevolent heroes, no supremely evil enemies. Everything is gray. It adds all the depth that colors and shades could. It sets Sin City in a harsh, unforgiving light and gives you a sense of inevitable doom and despair. It brings out the darkness residing in each of its characters while letting their virtues shine amidst such a cruel world.

This is the style of drawing I've always wanted to be able to do, even back in high school. There are no lines, just fills.

The other part of Sin City's greatness is its first person narration. Each book is captioned with the thoughts and views of its protagonist, and it's what makes the storytelling tick. And it's not filled with the high and mighty talk of superheroes; these are the fears and hopes of ordinary people.

I read a bunch of 'regular' comics later, after I finished with Sin City and its other titles. And the DC and Marvel ones are just lame. I couldn't help comparing how shallow they are to Sin City. And how ridiculous! Like in Wolverine Origins, which I thought would be cool, Logan just looked silly in his mask and tights. And the story, no matter how many twists the writer put it through, remained plain. Sin City is so deeply immersed in conflict and emotion and issues that it totally demolished the already slight believability of superhero anthologies.

I erased the other comics I got, afterwards. They're so dull now. I still like the superhero mythology, which is what I really liked about comics in the first place. Which hero has what kind of power and what happened when he met this other character, etc. But the storytelling will never compare.


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Monday, April 09, 2007
Last night a cousin of mine came lugging three bottles of Red Horse Grande. "Gusto lang kita makainuman."

Not that I have anything else to do but I'm not one for heads-up beer sessions. Also we weren't close, like with other cousins. The most we see each other is about once a year, during our New Year gatherings. So I'm surprised.

Turns out he was tipsy already. He and my other cousin had a few beers earlier that evening. The latter had an early engagement the morning next so they had to pack up sooner than the former wanted; he was bitin. And the nearest he could one-on-one on was me.

"'San ang puti mo na ah! At pumayat ka na!"

Hehe. "Lul. O, balita?"

"Bukas malalaman na."

He was actually in a legal predicament not far from mine. Involving still a girl, but this time on a more intimate nature, iykwim. A kindred spirit. My slight unwelcome ebbed.

"Ah. Ano ba talaga nangyari tol? Di ko lam yung buong kwento e."

So he told me. He's like his father when he tells his story, waving his arms around and about, his hands forming very animated gestures. His father had a notorious penchance for getting piss-ass drunk. 'To Meo also liked gesturing.

When he finished I still didn't get why the girl pressed charges. I asked him to explain but his answers went off tangent more and more.

"Ay 'san me napanaginipan ako. Napanaginipan ko si Jesus."

Riiight. It is Easter Sunday. It must be the booze. He spoke deliberately, like old folks do when they had elderly wisdom to impart to young 'uns and had enough alcohol in them to believe that what they are saying is A Truth of The Universe.

"Nakita ko si Jesus nakaputi, mahaba balbas, tapos me baston. Tapos pare, tinalikuran ako. Nagpapakuha na ko e, nakita ko yung katawan ko tol, nakalutang ako nakatingin sa katawan ko, pero una yung baston nya tas sunod yung katawan tinalikod. Naglakad palayo."

I tried real hard not to laugh. The booze had already done its effect on me and I was beet red all over. He went on, all seriousness.

"Ibig sabihin me misyon pa ko tol. Ayaw pa ni Lord. Gusto ko na e, pero tumalikod sya. Nagising ako umiiyak. Alam to ng ate ko tsaka ni mama. Kulang lang tayo sa panalangin. Ako na nagsasabi sayo pre. Di dapat tayo nakakalimot sa Kanya."

He went on, and on. I didn't mind much, I was warm with beer and he brought lots of potato snacks. Halfway through our second grande he leaned his arms on the table and nestled his face on his arms.

"O inaantok ka na, dun ka na sa kwarto 'san."

"...Inde, kaya ko pa to. Pahinga lang ako," he mumbled.

He never raised his head. He sat there and passed away.

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Friday, April 06, 2007
What would it be like to have your death be the best thing you ever did in your life?

I was struck by the thought while reflecting on the carnage of 300. You see, it was the three hundred's death that fueled the raging hearts of those who later took arms and carried on their fight. Same with William Wallace. He died but his cause flared to life in each of his people. By themselves they probably could have led their sides to victory, but in dying, they made that probability into a certainty.

Yes, what made their deaths so inspiring and significant was, in fact, what they did while they were alive and what they stood for. But it was dying itself that gave the most impact.

Look at Ninoy. I think it's fair to say that if he wasn't assassinated, there would be no People Power 1. Imagine if he lived, and went on to battle Marcos through laws and politics, etc. Could he have been as successful? Could he have filled the masses with the necessary fervor to struggle against the dictatorial oppression? If he himself urged the people to rally in EDSA, how many would've come?

Rizal chose to die at the hands of the Spanish government. He was offered escape by Bonifacio while in Dapitan. Known then for his fierce patriotism through his writings, he was also asked to lead the revolt against the Spaniards. Yet he said no to both. He himself knew that the best contribution he could ever give to win their freedom was to pave the way with his blood. (see bottom for disclaimer)

Then there's also Jesus. His teachings and miracles that are told in every Bible will shape humanity's morality and goodwill forever. But even as God on Earth, it is his death as Man, to redeem our lecherous and sinful souls, that stands as the most important. (see bottom also for second disclaimer)

Others in history have done the same. But there are also countless forgotten ones who died to save a life. Heroic acts that, while they may not be recorded for future generations to know, will always live on in the hearts of those they saved.

I'm still stuck on how it would feel, to be a Leonidas or a Ninoy, after they died. Not being around to taste the sweetness of victory, but a grateful memory to those who are.


Disclaimer 1: Sir Joel's lessons come to mind. That Rizal was chosen by the Americans as our national hero to pacify us during their occupation instead of Bonifacio. A peaceful, anti-violence advocate versus an aggressive, guerilla-trained war leader. Maybe all that story about Rizal's sacrifice are just hodgepodge but we'll never know.

Disclaimer 2: Of course this assumes you are Catholic. Or Christian at least. (How does Jesus feel about all these stupid denominations and factions each advertising their own interpretation of His faith?)

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Monday, April 02, 2007
300 is so titled for the 300 Spartans that their king, Leonidas, took with him to defend his nation against the horde of the Persian god king, Xerxes.

300?! Against millions? Madness! Well, it turns out even the king is not above Spartan law, and the law forbids any battle without their oracle's blessing, which sadly, was not given. So Leonidas, unwilling to let his people be overrun without doing anything, tells the council he'll go for a stroll, along with 300 of the finest warriors of Sparta. As bodyguard. Maybe some really big monkeys in the wilds he's afraid of.

300 is like a speck of dust against the Persians' sweeping army, but Leonidas has picked his battleground well: Hell's mouth, a narrow path in the mountains along the shore where Xerxes will land, a funnel in which the enemy's numbers will mean nothing.

I'm tempted to go on but if you haven't seen the movie, I think that had been a sufficient intro. Now after having watched it from the glare of my monitor at home, my only complaint is that I wasn't able to experience it on the big screen. But bloody hell's mouth, it was great.

The cinematography is awesome. Every scene is gorgeously laden with details and painted like a well, painting. I'm guessing Frank Miller's art should be credited with how everything looked and coalesced to form into the incredible visual panorama. While the Lord of the Rings trilogy did better at depicting it's epic scale of two massive armies joined in battle, nothing will match the flair, style, grace and drama of 300's battle scenes. You will feel every thrust and swing of their weapons, and would probably try to wipe your face with all the blood that spurts and splatters from all the thrusts and swings. The Spartans were fighting with such fluidity and discipline, and their lean hard-packed bodies strain with energy and power with every move. The ambiance is dark and gloomy, carefully inflecting the impending doom of Sparta but still subtly brilliant with the unwavering hope in Leonidas' eyes. Dark and gloomy is trademark Miller btw.

I can't make comments on sound, as though my headphones are ok, they can't do justice to the movie's sfx as only a Dolby-surround sound system theater can do. I've one raised eyebrow at Xerxes' voice though. Also sometimes the very loud roars, like the elephants and the captain's wail, are muted and instead taken over by the narration. While ok, it does cut the drama a bit.

The dialogue and story and narration are very much Frank Miller, and I like. On hindsight, the story resembles that of Braveheart. William Wallace and Leonidas both fought for their country's freedom, one to take it, the other to keep it, but they were beset not only by a seemingly invincible foe, but also by their own politicians. Says a lot about the idea of government, really. And then, both also died before they were victorious, ultimately being the sacrificial spark to ignite their countrymen's determination to win. Whoa! Huge spoiler! Did I just say that.. hehe, I hope you haven't seen the movie yet, but if you did, ain't I such a nice guy to thank you having read this far in this post by ruining it for you? Heh.

The casting was excellent. Butler portrayed the very image of what a strong soldier-leader of a soldier nation should be. His wife, whose name I haven't researched yet but which I will later because she's really beautiful, was radiant with beauty, grace and strength. I recognized a few faces, Faramir from LotR, Achilles' captain from Troy now as Leonidas' captain, and the traitorous councillor who always looks sleazy in any role. Xerxes looks like the pharaoh in The Ten Commandments.

This is one of the big movies of 2007 and you shouldn't miss it, if you are also into this sort of thing. Now we wait for the mass-appeal movies like Spiderman 3 and The Simpsons. Ho-hum.


I've meant to post about Frank Miller's Sin City even before I thought of watching this, but I've only now found the mood to write. I loved both the comics and the movie and I'll put something up this week. Then I'm gonna look for the 300 graphic novel and see how they match up.

If you're a Miller fan and know of other great works he's done be sure to share it! ^_^


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