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Saturday, January 27, 2007
Personal Forecasts:
1. A sizable weight gain. Unavoidable with increased appetite and decreased exercise. Not that there was any to begin with.

2. A new semi-permanent address. Whether it's the sweet cool air of the northern hemisphere or the sour damp stink of a southern jail cell is a coin flip.

3. More posts, even if just junk ones like this.

4. More pimples.

5. Lotto jackpot! Oh this is forecast, not wishful thinking darn.

1. Prices will go up. Salary value will go down. Of course this is true every year no matter what.

2. Death, disaster, destruction, delatas. An increase in both magnitude and occurrence of unfortunate tragedies calls for more canned goods.

3. GMA will hold a big party.

1. Death, disaster, destruction, defame. Those are the only newsworthy things anyway; the others no one will really care about.

2. There will be an incredible discovery or invention that's going to forever change the world as we know it. Of course, it might be just smileys or post-its or whatever but watch out.

3. The world will mourn the death of Harry Potter.

To be continued. (ran out of spirit energy and potato chips)


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At 3:06 AM, Anonymous Alex

Here's to hoping for personal forecast number 5 for you!

And global forecast number 3 is wrong. ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!!!!!!!


At 5:18 PM, Blogger xiaoyubeh

ayoko na tumaba pls lang wahahahaha


At 3:35 AM, Blogger d\k

Unless you've got insider info to the contrary, then global#3 has good odds. Even Rowling is foreshadowing his demise in her interviews. Ooh.. Prepare... lol

Me werkouts and yoga ka naman e. Kaso mag CCA ka na.. tsk lagut